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Great blog! You are 100% dead on target. Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Bill! I'm doing my best!

Laura Sanborn

"In general, most staunch animal welfare anti animal rights supporters are conservatives"

I'm not sure I agree with that. I worked with many people in the fight against AB 1634 and SB 250 (mandatory spay/neuter bills) in California. Politically, this is an incredibly diverse group of people. If I had to guess I'd say they reflect what we see in the California electorate overall -- lots of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

It's certainly true that many anti-AR discussion groups and forums are weighted more toward conservatives. But I'd argue that's because the frequent anti-Democratic rants have chased many liberals away. I've quit some discussion groups because of these rants, and barely read others for the same reason.


While that may be true in CA, it's not elsewhere. I'm on Pet-Law and actually started my own list because of the serious right lean on that list. However, HumaneWatch.org can't be called anything but conservative as is BlueDog. I don't mean to generalize, but the vast majority of those who I've posted with on the anti side are hard core right leaning folks.

I also saw and continue to see a lot of those protesting AR meetings along side our "friends" the Tea Party. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one Laura.

Laura Sanborn

The yahoo pet-law list cannot be used to get an accurate measure of the political leanings of the anti-AR forces. The list owner is right leaning and has allowed that list to be taken over by right-leaning diatribes, including his own. It's a 100% moderated list, and yet all manner of O/T right wing rants get posted. Many liberals have either quit that list or rarely if ever post.

This isn't about California vs. elsewhere. It's about the tendency of a small percentage of those on the right to hijack the anti-AR movement for their own partisan political purposes, and they don't care that their actions are undermining the anti-AR cause.

California's main pet legislation discussion list was ruined by right-wing rants. It is now so far to the right it's basically an adjunct of the Tea Party movement.

We had to start a new California animal legislation list where partisan political rants are not allowed in order to have a constructive discussion list.

While many of the email lists get dominated by right wing venting, the real measure of who is effectively involved in these fights is found elsewhere.

Look at the people who actually write the letters, who make the phone calls, who show up at legislative hearings, who visit legislators' offices, and who lead these fights. That's where the REAL action is, these are the people doing the effective work. From that perspective it's a very diverse group of people politically.

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