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Pat Ward

Atta girl, Kathy!! I totally agree that the AR groups, especially H$U$ and PETA are running out of control. Pet owners in CA have been under seige for years. We manage small victories along the way, but they keep coming back. And they ARE winning one baby step at a time. I hope all the AR volunteers who think they are helping the poor animals somehow eventually learn the truth before it is too late.


Paula G from Indiana

From what I understand of articles I read about the Terrible Goldfish Lady, is that they fined her 1,000 pounds, but the whole thing cost taxpayers about 20,000!!!! I am sure there is nothing else in that town that needed that kind of money.......

This is one terrific blog, thank you.


Update on the Goldfish Lady - they commuted her sentence and she's off the bracelet - only has to do community service now. WOW - how lenient :-(

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