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Sara K

Great, great blog today, Kath. I am a speciesist, too. I love my dogs, but I love my family more. Way more. Doesnt mean I am an irresponsible breeder or owner..it means I have priorities...and good ones. :)


Well done! I feel we are not in Kansas anymore as the winds of craziness swirl around us!


Love your blogs, Kath! On this one, I'm with you "most" of the way - tongue in cheek, just a bit? - I have to say I'm not a pure "speciesist", but rather sort of an "individualist" because, honestly, there are SOME "human" lives I wouldn't value anywhere near the value I put on some canine lives... i.e., Hitler, Dahmer, C. Manson, & a host of lesser known but certainly just as evil members of our "higher species" - yeah? Just hope I'm never put to that test...!

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