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Pat Ward

Good job, Kathy. Thank you.

Sheila in NJ


A good discussion of some of the players who think HSUS and PETA are just not radical enough! Will you be writing about Peter Singer and Gary Yourofsky in the future?

Singer has a joint appointment at Princeton University in New Jersey and a university in his native Australia. He is said to be the "inspiration" for PETA through his book "Animal Libveration."

Yourofsky goes from one college campus to another in the United States espousing violence in the cause of Animal Rights. His group is called ADAPTT (Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow) http://www.adaptt.org/ He has been employed by PETA in the past; I'm not sure who is bankrolling him now.


Very Good so list the good websites:


and we can see more of the info out there!


I want to be careful about using the same websites that are seen on so many other sites. Humane Watch and Consumer Freedom, while okay with me, set up people to question credibility because of who those players are. HSUS and PETA are enough on their own. While appreciate the input, I don't want this to be just another blog with the same info. Thanks, though Boxwood.


Sheila - I will be discussing Pete Singer and Gary Y, as well as Steve Hindi - SHARK, the beneficiary of Bob Barker's largesse.


"I was a slave holder, an exploitive, perverse, evil human. I regularly allowed my male dogs to rape my female dogs,"

This quote demonstrate clearly that our understanding of the extend of hatred by these fanatics has been lacking. We knew they hate humans but it turns out they hate life as a whole.
Paired with total ignorance of nature, of biology, the 'big picture', it makes a very dangerous mix.
Such delusional self-loathing deserves nothing more than professional (and preferable institutionalized) help.
One thing they ALL have in common, is that they are anti-democratic - every one of them. They use the democratic freedoms to destroy the system from within.
They are like maggots, feeding on their host.

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