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I had no idea that dogs are being imported! What's up with that? Give us your poor, your tired, and your dogs? Seems outrageous to me. I have never been approached by anyone asking me why I didn't adopt a shelter dog. My eyes are opening fast. I live in my happy lkttle world, oblivious to what's going on in the real world. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge and opinions. The more you know. . . Oh, and what a beautiful family portrait!

Liz S

Fascinating information! I must confess, I had no idea we were importing dogs. I imported my daughter and I suppose some people think I should have adopted locally. It just seems to me that we should all live and let live; do what we can to make the world a better place; and be happy when our dogs welcome us home with a wag of their tail, or in the case of my Pembrokes, a wiggle of their bunny butts!


Well, that's the point, though Liz. I think there's room for everyone. If it's wrong to breed a litter of Pems, it's wrong to import a dog - it's not "wrong" to do either! Thank heavens you "imported" Sophie! Elvis would be devastated without her!

Wendt Worth Corgis

Excellent writing and love your photo of the Corgis. I have an article on my blog about importing strays as well that is a very informative read as well.


Just found your blog or whatever this is called. Wonderfully said and well thought out! I am a political opposite to you and a animal welfare twin to you! God bless you and your pretty well bred and "abused" dogs!

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