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How refreshing to read some common sense for a change.

Animal welfare implies owner responsibility, and responsibility is currently one of those not-so-popular topics.

For the ARistas, it's so easy to play the blame game without actually taking personal responsibility for improving animals' lives.

I'm lo0oking forward to hearing more from you, Pemmom!

Kathy Dolge

good job, Kathy
well stated!


Wow, Lark looks really abused!
Well said, Kathy. Keep writing!

Judith A. Brecka

Great start, Kathy. Our animals depend upon us for food, shelter and care. Those of us who own animals provide those the necessities to ensure that their lives are comfortable and humane. Feral animals often have short lives due to predators, poor nutrition and lack of veterinarian care. Many animal rights activists are so dogmatic they forget we animal welfaristas are truly humane in our treatment and care for our animals.

Pam Dent

Kathy - I applaud you for stepping up to set people straight on this very important issue.

Roberta Pliner

Good work, Kathy. As one who wears reading glasses and
doesn't do lots of default computer type too well (and who was a magazine designer), I'd like to see shorter text blocks and a larger, darker typeface. But you've
stated your case very well.

Otherwise, as for your and Judith's argument that we who
care for our animals are more humane towards them than
people who just let animals be feral, I think the AR
point of view is to let all animals go feral, with the
fittest then surviving and evolving into species that
can live independently of humans.

I'll have a chance to see whether that works in about
20 minutes when "Gorillas in the Mist" starts on PBS.


Poor Lark, someone call the HSUS!!!! Kathy, well done. At Petsmart the other day, the cashier referred to me as Bonnet's mommy, and I said I'm not her mother, I'm her owner. My children aren't this furry and I'd never put them on a leash. You should've seen the look she gave me. I'm sick to death of the the term "pet parent."


Thank you for taking the time to help educate the public about the fanatical animal rights cult.
Keep up the good work!!

Cathy Santarsiero

Excellent, Kathy!

Annie Baker

Thank you for educating the public with good ole common sense.

Diane Puntenney

Well said, Kathy! Thanks for starting a sensible discussion of this usually religious issue.

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